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Bhargav Jariwala

is an Author of "You Met Me For a Reason[1]", Born and brought up in Surat, Bhargav Jariwala[2] considers 'travel' to be his first crush. He left engineering to explore new places. He Loves to Trek. His heart belongs in The Mountains. He takes Holidays alone. He doesn't hesitate to Travel to lesser known locations. He has been on several Trekking Trips, each time coming back with a different, memorable experience. He tried his hand with a pen and paper for his debut novel "You Met Me For a Reason[3]" to share his romantic adventurous story. After completing book, it was sent to 10 publishers for publishing, but they were all rejected and returned, So he decided to go with self-publishing house White Falcon Publishing[4] which went on to become a bestseller, With a penchant for not only traveling, but also for living in different places, he finds inspiration to live wherever he goes.


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